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Can porcelain veneers fix broken teeth?

porcelain veneers

A broken tooth is one thing that a person expects the least, but it may occur when you expect it the least. It could lead to fighting, falling or eating. Luckily, a broken or chipped tooth can be handled by any dentist. A reputed cosmetic dentist in El Paso TX will most probably suggest a porcelain veneer to clear the look of the tooth. This dental procedure is simple and lends people a natural looking tooth instead of the old, broken one. Dental veneers are also found to be stain resistant and can be formed and tinted according to the tooth that needs to be handled.

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Broken teeth are known to result from a fight, a fall or eating a hard object that the tooth was not able to bite down on easily. Even though the tooth’s enamel is hard, sometimes, depending on the strength of the tooth, it may not be able to handle damage and could therefore result in it being chipped or broken. In any case, a person can visit his or her dentist and, within a few consultations at a reputed El Paso dental care, can get their tooth fixed to be as attractive as new.

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The advantages of porcelain veneers are several because they can be fit and prepared within a few weeks. Plus, they are stain resistant, the color and shape are separately shaped depending on the patient’s teeth, they tend to endure anywhere from five to ten years, and they do not need any specialized oral treatment to maintain. They feature natural appearance and can even deliver strength to the unique tooth’s structure. If several dental veneers are needed, then a person can opt for a whiter color, particularly if their original teeth are yellow or stained.

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However, it is necessary to consult a renowned dental care center to ensure awesome results out of your time and investment.

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