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Factors Affecting Muscular Strength

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A large number of people feel that they must be performing something wrong with their physical workouts because they aren’t getting the desires results, muscular strength or muscular development as another individual. It’s necessary to realize that there are certain factors affecting every person’s ability to attain strength and muscle development, and we have little or no control over most of them.
There are some  muscular strength affecting factors. 


A reputed El Paso wellness center says, “all ages can augment their muscle size and strength as an outcome of a benign and active strength training program.” However, the degree of strength and muscle gain seems to be greater from age 10-20, the years of quick growth and expansion. After attaining usual physical maturity, muscular developments typically don’t come as quickly.


Gender does not influence the muscle quality but does affect the quantity. Though men’s and women’s muscle tissues are typically the same, men typically feature more muscle tissue as compared to women because muscle size is boosted by the availability of testosterone, the male sex hormone. The bigger the muscles, the sturdier the individual. Visiting a reputed wellness center in El Paso may produce desirable results.

Type of Muscle Fiber

One of the most crucial factors is muscle fiber type. There are two basic types of muscle fibers, often known as “slow twitch” and “quick twitch.” Slow twitch muscle fibers are best meant for cardiovascular (aerobic) activities, according to a leading cardiologist in El Paso TX. They generate low levels of energy for long periods of time and thus are much suitable for fortitude activities. Quick twitch fibers are best used for anaerobic purposes. They result into high levels of strength for lesser periods of time and are best matched for power activities like weightlifting.


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