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Medical Waste Disposal In Virginia


Since the time we stepped into the advancement of our lives, medical waste has been emerging out as a grave threat to millions of people worldwide. Fortunately, along with the development of health care services, medical waste treatment services also gained pace. Today, there are hundreds of waste management companies that are primarily involved into medical waste disposal in Virginia. Not because it is a mandatory step towards a healthy society, it sets the ground for feasible continuation of health services in the region.

medical waste package

Medical waste generally refers to waste produced at healthcare centers like clinics, hospitals, blood banks, dental clinics, physician’s centers, veterinary clinics/hospitals, along with laboratories and medical research facilities.

Some of the most commonly related waste materials comprise waste surgical instruments, discarded surgical gloves, culture dishes and other glassware, blood-soaked dressings, castoff lancets, removed body parts, blood samples, cultures, stocks, swabs used to immunize cultures, and used needles.

Medical waste

Medical waste is considered to be extremely injurious and hazardous. To get a clearer picture, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that nearly 85 percent of total medical waste generated worldwide is non-hazardous. The rest of the 15 percent is termed hazardous which can be even toxic, radioactive or infectious. As per the details from WHO, every year, around 16 billion injections are used across the world, but not all of these syringes and needles are disposed of appropriately.

Considering the possible disastrous effects of sharps waste such as needed, there is a strong value of proper sharps waste disposal in Virginia.

Click on the link To know hazardous waste regulations in your area.

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