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Success Rates Of IVF First Time


Numerous cases are observed within India in which the couple even after completing years of marriage are unable to conceive a baby due to infertility problems. The absence of a baby makes the couple frustrated and heart ached. Yet there are wonderful stories that befall due to the advancement in medical science particularly the IVF Treatment in Lucknow.

IVF is an abbreviation used for In-vitro Fertilization and is a form of Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART). This 6-8 weeks procedure is a boon for infertile couples, single parents and those who want to have a baby. In this process, the eggs of a female are fertilized with the sperm of males in a laboratory and then implanted back into the female’s womb, then it turns into an embryo for further evolving into the baby.     But it is to note that not every couple has the same prospect of getting blessed with a baby through this process. Now the question arises: who are those people that are highly probable to succeed in this process?

What is the Success rate Of IVF?

There are basically two factors that determine the success rate of IVF treatment in Lucknow. The first factor is “age” and the other factor is “number of embryos”. Here we’ll be discussing both of these factors in detail:-


The significant factor that majorly determines the success rate of IVF treatment is “age”. The age of the female holds the utmost importance in predicting the outcome of the IVF Treatment. Researches indicate that women of lower age group are most likely to have higher IVF success rates rather than the women of comparatively older age group.

IVF Success Rate between 20-35 Years of Age

It is said that women in their 20’s hold the highest fertility throughout their lifetime. The Research of CDC (Centers for disease control) indicates that:-

  • The success rates are higher in women under the age of 35 as compared to those who are above 35.
  • Approximately 34% of success rates for the women who are in their 20’s.
  • Approximately 32% of success rates for the women who had never ever conceived and are under 35.

IVF Success Rates Over 40 Years Of Age

Researches showed by Society For Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) suggests that the woman now can acquire a baby even when they are reaching their Menopause. The society also determined the 20% success rates of IVF over 40 years of age. Lastly, women aging 45 or above have only 3 percent chances of pregnancy by an IVF treatment and only 1 percent for the live birth.


There are many factors affecting the success rate of IVF (in-vitro fertilization) treatment but one of the most significant factors which competently decide the success rate is the number of an embryo and their quality.

Single vs. Multiple Embryos

The complication in the treatment also increases with the increase in the number of embryos. There is more chance of IVF success for the couple when they plan for a single baby rather than twins. Therefore, at a time a single embryo should be transferred to reduce the risk factor.


India has been greatly emerging in the field of medical and health sciences. Many laboratories and Infertility centers in Lucknow have been opened for the advancement of the IVF treatments in Lucknow.

After reading this, you must be clear about the success rates of IVF treatment in humans. But it is to be considered that no human body is alike and everyone has a different upbringing due to which the body nature is different in one another. Therefore merely the stats can’t decide either you will have successful IVF or not. Thus, one must go to a specialist and tell the whole case and get the right suggestion.

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