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The Effects Of Dumping Medical Wastes Into The Oceans

Oceans are a great source of innumerable elements. They provide energy, food, livelihood and also maintain the earth’s balance.

And here’s a sad truth. Nowadays, oceans have turned out to be the biohazard waste disposal sites and many of the healthcare centers hire agencies which never think twice before dumping all their collected wastes into the oceans.

Is it an appropriate practice? Absolutely not! Forget loads of weight, it’s really expensive to throw even a single contaminated syringe in the ocean waters.

Here are some of the major consequences that could be faced when medical waste is discarded in the oceans:

  • HarmsTo The Marine Life:

Marine life is one of the worst affected by medical wastes and any form of contaminated or hazardous medical waste could pose dangers for an entire species or community.

There have been cases of marine animals being hit by medical equipment and these have led to their death.

  • Biomagnification:

Dumping contaminated and infectious materials in the oceans is an indirect danger for the human beings too.

For instance, if some marine fish etc. gets infected with HIV/AIDS when being hit by a contaminated syringe, and the same is caught to serve as a food for the human beings, you know exactly what the consequences tend to be.

Besides HIV, any other lethal form of viruses could reach the human body through the Biomagnification process and all this due to the negligence of a few people.

And not only these diseases and viruses affect the non-veg eaters, but get into the plates of vegans too when underwater plants get affected by hazardous medical equipment.

  • Harm To The Tourism:

Ocean waters are always in motion and you should be prepared to get back in time, what you discard in it.

There have been several incidences where the medical waste dumped in the ocean was washed back on to the shore, turning the beaches a dreadful and unhealthy place.

No doubt, all such beaches needed to be closed until the returned waste could get its due treatment. And this also means that a beautiful tourist spot would have to be closed only due to negligent human activities.

Therefore, if you are generating medical waste, be kind not to discard it negligently or flush it down the drains. It would surely return hard and heavy to harm you and the others.

Most of the healthcare industries in Maryland consult experienced and well-licensed hazardous waste disposal agencies, which assure to dispose of any form of hazardous waste in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

You too could search for a good medical waste disposal agency and handover all your generated hazardous wastes to them for a safer waste disposal practice. Consult the experts and safeguard the earth.

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